A HANDFUL OF EARTH – YA Science Fiction

Earth 2131: the Age of Infection. Nath Torrent, an unbeliever, is chosen for a mission to explore an Earthlike planet for inturontium, the rare element that cures the infections, and discover what happened to the crew of the first mission that never returned captained by Fria Helder, the girl he’s pined for since first year of Naut training. Paired up with a blind boy with a peculiar ability to detect character and armed with a credo from his dying mother, when Nath discovers the downed captain may have very good reasons for refusing to return to Earth, nothing is as it seems and he must decide who to put his faith in: the girl, his partner, or his own shaky beliefs.


A 2017 Golden Heart® Award finalist.

Ever since his sister drowned, Davis can’t go in the water. But he’s attempting to conquer that fear one wade at a time before a mandatory, once-in-a-lifetime marine expedition with his father.

Suffocating under her father’s hoarded junk, Cloud writes adventures she can only dream of having. When she spies a boy out her window wading in the bay, she plans to entice him to return by stashing her stories under water.


Winner of the Molly and Heart to Heart awards for young adult romance in 2016.

Cait dominates at Quiz Bowl, but feels she lost at saving her brother from a heroin overdose. When an odd boy slips her a piece of poetry at the miserable support group her mother has forced her to attend, she decides he may be worth enduring some discomfort to get to know.

Johnny struggles to quit heroin in the wake of his brother’s suicide and stumbles upon a volume of mystical poetry that fuels his commitment to stay clean. When he meets Cait, he finds another use for the poetry: love letters.


A 2016 Golden Heart® Award finalist

Sometimes, following your heart means breaking it.

When bookish Camille’s recently widowed father drags her to a Wisconsin farm the summer before senior year, her adventures with the farmer’s son, 21 year-old Jeremy, and his herbalist mother make her reconsider her single-minded path to the Ivy League.